Security at Pagely protects the company and our customer's sites from attacks and acts upon any detected indicators of compromise within our network. We are looking to bring on more people who are interested in web security, WordPress security, incident response, penetration testing, investigating vulnerabilities and much more security operations work.

The ideal candidate should be comfortable with:

  • Working with customers dealing with compromises.
  • Identifying vectors of attacks and implement preventative measures.
  • Deciphering system and service logs.
  • Understand vulnerabilities and risks common to WordPress, Linux, and other utilities.
  • Security hardening on Linux servers, and services such as apache, nginx, ssh, etc..

Experience with the following are required:

  • AWS, Ansible, WordPress, Linux CLI, wp-cli, Apache, NGINX, PHP

Experience with the following are beneficial:

  • Lua, PHP (de)obfuscation, PHP debugging/auditing, SOC environment,
  • WordPress plugin development, Vulnerability assessment, Bug Bounties.